The 5 Biggest Technologies of 2017

5 Biggest Technologies of 2017

The technological sector is one that is ever growing and 2017 promises to be a year when major advancements will take place. While it is true that we have already witnessed some dazzling technological inventions, the year 2017 sees professions from different fields such as scientists, entrepreneurs and technologists all working together in a bid to find technological solutions to some of the problems facing humanity. In this article, we will look at some of the 5 biggest inventions of the year 2017.

What are some of the inventions?

So far, there have been several mesmerizing inventions. However, the following managed to make the top five list:


  1. Neuralink

Neuralink is a company that deals with brain implants. Here, the professionals are looking at possible ways through which they can match artificial brain implants with human brains so they can work together. The main objective of this project is to help those people with severe brain injuries. However, with the look of things, many people even those without complications may at one time want to have these implants. According to the company’s CEO, this technology is going to be a success and it is only a matter of time.


  1. Kitty Hawk Flyer

The Kitty Hawk flyer is an electric vehicle that has the ability to fly and even float on water. This vehicle has the ability to carry only one person and even though it does not have a variety of major uses, it is a source of excitement. The Federal Aviation Administration already certifies the vehicle and you do not have to be a pilot or require special skills to fly it. According to its inventors, it takes about ten minutes only to learn how to fly it. In addition to that, the company behind the manufacture of the Kitty Hawk Flyer has had the backing of famous people meaning it stands a chance of being a hit.


  1. Turning pollution into power

The world has been in crisis trying to manage the problem of air pollution and inadequate power. However, students from a University in Belgium have come up with an interesting piece of technology that seeks to “turn” air pollution into power. The logic behind this invention is to trap the hydrogen gas (that is a major cause of air pollution) and turning it to fuel energy. Though this technology is still in the early development stages, it promises to be a huge one.

  1. Self driving trucks

manufacturing companies are looking at possible ways through which trucks will drive themselves using technology. Soon we might see this happen, because the prospects are high.


  1. Paying with your face                                                                                                                                    

In China, people now have the chance to pay with their faces. In addition to that, people can gain access to authorized facilities using facial recognition and can serve to track criminals. The technology will soon spread to the other parts of the world.



The technological sector is one that is hard to predict. Midway through the year of 2017, there are some technological breakthroughs already in place. While some projects are still on the trials stage, they all promise a brighter technological future.